About Alkame Aquaculture

Alkame Aquaculture's patented technology is pioneering water treatment applications for freshwater fish and aquatic species farming. Click below to learn more about us!

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Our Alkame Technology

Our technology has the ability to manipulate several characteristics in water, creating a cleaner healthier Water for fish to thrive in. Click below to learn more about our IP!

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Our Analytical Data

Our extensive research and development in freshwater farming has garnered the attention of aquacultures elite scientists. Click below to see the results and hear how the IP worked!

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Manipulating the Structure of Water.....

"The major advantage of Alkame technology is that it can completely or partially destroy organics in water by converting them into various harmless intermediates and end products," stated lead scientist Jim Keeton. "Alkame's advanced system and design ensures that high concentrations of dissolved oxidants are released to the water when circulated across the cells, reducing Nitrites by 50 %. Clarity and solids were also substantially reduced from 4 inches to over 20 inches after oxidation within 48 hours. Tannins and Lignin's from feed leaching were removed with the Alkame process along with organic solids creating clearer and healthier water conditions. These factors could substantially reduce the size and costs of bio-filtration design for intensive recirculation systems."


Next Steps...

Please feel free to reach out to us directly, and let's discuss how Alkame technology can be implemented into your freshwater aquaculture farming endeavors.