Our Mission

Only about 2% of the seafood imported into the USA is USDA inspected and we import most from countries who don’t always abide by USDA rules. They regularly use banned chemicals like steroids, hormones and antibiotics that would never be acceptable here. Alkame Aquaculture believes there is an excellent demand for naturally raised seafood, that’s made in the USA, is USDA inspected, allowing Alkame to make a real impact and potentially dominate this extremely lucrative market.


The Problem

Seafood is the 2nd largest U.S. trade-deficit category behind petroleum. About 80% of the seafood consumed in the U. S. is imported. In 2011, the seafood-related deficit was $11.2 billion dollars and increasing. The vast majority of seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported from Thailand, Indonesia, Ecuador, Vietnam, India, China, and Mexico. These products are generally produced in poor conditions. Environmental degradation, use and overuse of prohibited drugs, hormones, and antibiotics are just some of the problems with third-world seafood production.


The Solution

Alkame Holdings, Inc., a health and wellness technology holding company with a focus on patentable, innovative, and eco-friendly consumer products is looking to enter into the aquaculture sector with Alkame Aquaculture. This application for the patented technology and the Alkame Aquaculture business strategy presents an ideal opportunity to develop a “proof-of-concept” for its unique water treatment systems and its use in aquaculture farming for freshwater aquatic species. By incorporating the system and technology into existing aquaculture farms, along with all of the added benefits of the Alkame Water micro-clustered structure, increased oxygenation, and proper pH levels, we expect there will be significant benefits which can be implemented into the aquaculture industry as a whole.


The Expectation

We are working in conjunction with some of the top scientists in this field and intend to provide a very healthy and clean product with a low environmental impact. With the Alkame technology implemented into the water treatment process of these facilities, we hope to reduce the time that these species are in grow tanks from the traditional rates, while increasing the quality and overall health of the animal. This would be an enormous strategic and economic advantage for Alkame Aquaculture as well as Alkame Holdings Inc.